What's new in Opal Moon...where we've been, what we've seen...and some general musings!

 ~ 2017 ~

 March/April - It's starting to feel a lot like spring, with lighter nights and spring flowers bursting into life! Here in Opal Moon we've been embracing the springtime energy with some clearing and cleaning...finding a few little hidden treasures along the way! It always feels good to freshen things up at this time of the year, as we begin to come out of "hibernation" after the darkness of winter. Our smudge sticks are especially popular at this time of year...smudging is a great way to freshen up the energy in your home and clear away any negative energy that may be lurking. Visit our Smudging info page to find out more!


The beginning of this month sees us celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight, which runs from 27th February until the 12th March. We're fortunate to have some wonderful, ethical Fair Trade suppliers, allowing us to bring you beautiful gifts from all over the world, natural and amazing incenses, and peaeful products from Nepal such as our hand-beaten singing bowls, meditation cushions and candles. Please come and chat to us about our fair trade products  - it's always a pleasure to share the thought, care and positive stories behind them.


Of course March brings us Mother's Day on Sunday 26th! We have so many gorgeous and meaningful gifts in stock at the moment, perfect for mums of all ages - we hope you feel inspired and find something to show your appreciation of your mum! 

January/February - Happy Valentines Day! Lots of treats available, such as scented candles, bath salts, crystal hearts and plenty more, as well as a nice selection of romantic cards.


  Take a peek at our new palmstones page, plenty to peruse and ponder upon!


Wishing all of our customers a very happy new year! Thanks to everyone for making 2016 a very special 25th anniversary year for us. As we move gently into 2017, we're making plans for the coming months and year, sourcing some exciting new stock, and topping up on all of our lovely products to make sure you have lots to choose from when you visit us at Opal Moon.

~ 2016 ~

 Inside Opal Moon  Christmas Tree In Window

November/December - a very busy time for us as we prepare in earnest for the Festive Season! We're busy filling our shelves with all manner of beautiful and meaningful gifts, as well as a lovely selection of Yuletide and Solstice cards by some of our favourite UK artists. Our calenders and diaries for 2017 are all in stock and selling fast, so make sure you don't miss out on your favourite!

 Fireside Foxes Card  Starry Badger Hug Card  Yule Card  Ivy green Woman Card

September/October - Had a lovely time at the 8th Annual Glasgow Reiki Gathering. It's always such an honour to be part of this very special event, and have the chance to connect and reconnect with so many beautiful souls. Thank you to all who came along to visit our Opal Moon stall, and to the wonderful Lorna Mclean for bringing us all together again for such a divine experience.

 Reiki Gathering 2016  Reiki Gathering 2016

We're delighted to introduce our beautiful Opal Moon Candles, now for sale in the shop as well as here on our website. We launched these lovely candles at our 25th Birthday Celebration, where they were very well received. Specially made for us by Peter at TouchFire Candles, they capture the essence of Opal Moon, with beautiful colours and essential oil scents, inspired by our surroundings and things of importance and pleasure to us. We hope you enjoy these candles as much as we do.

 Opal Moon Birthday Candle

September is always an industrious time for us in Opal Moon as we enter our busiest time of the year! Our selection of 2017 calendars and diaries are now making their way on to our shelves, and we are introducing many new gift ideas and beautiful things to the shop. We hope you'll find some inspiration as the Festive season glimmers at us around the corner...

Fairy Houses Calendar 2017   Witches Datebook 2017   Amanda Clark Calendar 2017

However, despite our preparations for the end of the year, we do like to keep our focus on the present moment, and enjoy the many blessings of the current season. The Autumn Equinox on 21st/22nd September sees us celebrating the end of the harvest season. The Equinoxes are a time of balance, with day and night lasting for equal lengths. A time of reflection, the Autumn Equinox reminds us to maintain the balance in our lives, as all around us nature begins to slowly draw energy inwards in preparation for darker nights, colder weather and the opportunity to rest, restore and rejuvinate. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some peaceful restorative time during these golden autumn months! 

 Moon Balloon!  Twenty Five Years Old  

July/August - Our 25th Birthday Party at the end of August was a big success! It's hard to believe we're reached this ripe old age already ~ the year's have flown by! We had a lovely time at our party, and were really touched by all the friends and customers who came to wish us well. We were showered with cards, flowers and gifts, kind words and fantastic energy! Thank you so much to everyone who came along, and for all the good wishes we received on our facebook page too, it is hugely appreciated.  

 Opal Moon - Newly Painted!   Hearts in Opal Moon

As we're in our 25th year, we decided to give Opal Moon's extererior a bit of TLC, so we've had our shopfront painted! We're delighted with the result...we've gone for a richer, deeper purple this time (we're still purple, of course!)

Queen Margaret Drive Street Festival  Band In Queen Margaret Drive

June - We begin this month with a bang, as our street hosts it's annual Summer Street Festival! This one is bigger than ever, with a street ceilidh, two stages with live music, lots of kids entertainment, plus our usual selection of stalls, food and drink! Our festival takes place on Sunday 5th June from 12 to 5.30pm. We hope you can join us for the festivities! Please note that our section Of Queen Margaret Drive will be closed to traffic during the festival.

Unknown Beast At Festival  Opal Moon & Balloons  Street Festival    

The following Sunday, the 12th, sees our busy street hosting The Big Lunch. This is a community event, with the focus on getting to know about things happening in the neighbourhood, and hopefully make a few new connections and friends along the way! With live music, kids activities and community awareness stalls...come along with food to share, and enjoy!

Big Lunch  Elemental Space Clearing Workshop

June is a busy month! On Sunday 19th you'll find us at Lorna McLean's Elemental Space Clearing Workshop, where we'll have a stall packed with space clearing tools ~ smudge sticks, tingsha cymbals, bells, bowls and more. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about clearing the energy in your home or workspace and making it feel divine! The workshop takes place at the Theosophical Society in Glasgow, from 10.30am to 15.30pm and costs £50. For more info or to book a space, contact Lorna.

In The Shop  

May - Happy Beltane! The beginning of this month sees all sorts of May Day celebrations. Beltane is a fire festival, celebrating the adundance of fertility in nature at this time of year. It's a beautiful time, with blossom showering us like confetti, and everything growing and flowering. In Opal Moon the warmer weather means we can open our door and send good energy and aromas out into the street, which always makes us happy!

Blue Tit in the Window   Salt Lamps and Tea Lights 

Our second Facebook Competition took place this month, in celebration of our 25th birthday! Once again we were delighted with the response and lovely comments left on our page. This time our prize was a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp won by Rebecca Wilson.

Reiki Gathering   Reiki Gathering

March/April - We are pleased to tell you that we now have tickets for sale for the 8th Annual Glasgow Reikii Gathering here in Glasgow. This event is one we're always very excited about ~ a gathering for all attuned to reiki, as well as those interested in learning more; a day filled with meditation, talks, music, dance and connection with like-minded souls. Tickets are for sale at the Early Bird price of £40 until the end of July, and £50 thereafter.           

Daffodils In Window     Hare In Window

On March 20th/21st we celebrate the Spring Equinox ~ when both day and night are of equal length. This is a time of balance both internally and externally, and a sign that springtime is most definitely here!

This month also brings us Mothers Day on Sunday the 6th. We've already sold lots of "Mothers Day cards with a difference"! And we have beautiful and meaningful gifts to suit every budget ~ we know LOTS of mums who love Opal Moon!

           Natural Scents & Oils   Heart Stones Chakra Set   Labradorite Display

February - With the celebration of Imbolc/Candlemass at the start of this month, we tentatively welcome the first signs of spring. Look out for snowdrops and other early spring flowers popping up through the still frosty soil, and lighter mornings and evenings. Imbolc is sacred to the Brigid ~ Goddess of creativity and inspiration, healing, arts & crafts, and childbirth. Burn yellow and green candles, warming incenses like cinnamon and frankincense, and enjoy the light returning.

Spring Equinox Card   Valentines Display

Of course February also brings us Valentine's Day on the 14th ~ an opportunity to express our affection and love for dear ones. In Opal Moon we have many gorgeous gift ideas for Valentine's Day, as well as a lovely collection of special cards.

We kicked off our big birthday celebrations this month with our first ever Facebook competition! We had a fantastic response, and we were very touched to hear of people's memories of Opal Moon's first location, in DeCourcy's Arcade. Our winner, Sharon Boyce, collected her prize of a lovely Native American opal heart pendant. Look out for more competitions to follow on our Facebook page!


January 2016 - A Happy New Year and a big thank you to you all for making 2015 a great year for us, all the best for 2016! January is always an exciting month for us, as we commence plans for the year ahead, thinking about changes we'd like to make, and new stock we'd like to introduce (space permitting!). We've made a start with building some lovely new bookcases, giving us more room for our books, tarot & oracle cards and other bits and pieces.

And since this is our 25th YEAR (can you believe it?!) we have a few extra special surprises up our magical sleeves! Keep in touch with us and don't miss out on our celebrations! Also, click here for an updated history of the shop.

 Hangings Display   Flower Hangings

We've posted a short video on our Facebook page for those yet to visit the shop (and even if you have!), please visit and have a tour! (you might need to scroll down a few entries to find it).


   Christmas Window Display   Christmas Candles

December - Well, our Winter Festival was unfortunately cancelled at the last minute due to the wild and windy weather, but were we down hearted? No, not a bit of it! It meant that we could be dry and warm in our cosy shop, with all the food that had already been prepared for the occasion (we did share some of it with customers, honest!). Unveiled were our new range of Opal Moon candle gift sets, which you can see below.

 Opal Moon Gift Baskets   Eryn and Joan

Just to let you know, we are closed on 25th & 26th December, as well as 1st & 2nd January. All other days, open normal hours.

 Opal Moon Open

Generous souls! We've just raised another £100 for the Esther Benjamin's Trust, through our little donation basket! This wonderful charity helps support Nepal's poorest and most vulnerable children. Big thanks to all who donated!

  The Storyteller Card  Winter Fireside Card  Yew Card

November - As darkness descends and the days turn colder, we are now planning in earnest for the busiest time of the year. Our Yule/Winter Solstice cards are now available, and our shelves are filling up nicely with lots of magical items to delight and inspire you!

Delivery Time!        Queen Margaret Drive Winter Festival   

Coming up soon is Queen Margaret Drive's annual Winter Festival, on Saturday 5th December, with all the usual stalls, events and fun. Hope to see you there! 

Hayleys Cat  Pumpkin  Autumn Leaf 

October - One of my favourite months has arrived! I love the autumnal colours everywhere ~ the rich oranges, reds & golden hues of the leaves and the berries in the hedgerows! The festival of Samhain/Halloween comes along on the 31st of the month ~ a time of remembering and honouring our ancestors, and giving thanks for all that has gone before...not to mention a spot of pumpkin carving and adorning ourselves in our spookiest of costumes. Whatever you're up to, enjoy!

Cards and Window  Display at Window

September - Regular Opal Moon Visitors are challenged to spot the difference this month, as our window display is missing something rather large and well-loved! After much (Piscean!) indecision, I decided it was time to say goodbye to the lovely tree that has been a part of our window display for the past 8 years! In the spirit of space clearing and to allow more light to stream into our shop and make the most of our wonderful Suncatchers, the tree was gently removed, and returned to the land...although we have retained a piece and adorned it with all sorts of pretty things! Let us know what you think of our new look window next time you visit!

Opal Moon Bookmark

This month also brings lots of new visitors through our door, as Freshers Week takes place for new students at Glasgow University. It's such a joy to welcome so many switched-on and aware young people, already knowledgeable about the benefits of crystals and essential oils, and how they can help support them through their years at university. Queen Margaret Drive hosted a little Freshers Fair to welcome new students, and goodie bags were duly handed out...Opal Moon's contributed with vouchers and a specially designed bookmark!

Hangings and Decor

The 21st of September sees the Autumn Equinox. As with the Spring Equinox, this is a time of perfect balance between light and dark, as day and night are the same length. This is the second of the three Harvest Festivals (the first being Lammas in August and the last is Samhain in October). The Equinox is a festival of fruit and vegetables, and of contemplation...as we sow, shall we reap...and enjoyment of the first signs of autumn as the leaves turn golden and the days grow fresher and the nights darker.

In the Shop

August - Thoroughly enjoying the beautiful golden glow of late summer, as sunshine finally comes to Scotland! On 1st August the first harvest festival of Lammas/Lughnassadh is celebrated. Named in honour of the Great Celtic Sun King Lugh, or Lug, this festival traditionally celebrated the gathering of the first grains from the land. No matter your chosen path or beliefs, this is the perfect time to give thanks for the abundance we all enjoy in our lives, to reap our own personal harvest, and to consider fruitful plans to see us through the coming winter months. In Opal Moon we have much to be thankful for ~ we are blessed with our lovely wee shop, honoured to have so many wonderful suppliers and crafters filling our shelves, and deeply grateful to be so well supported by all of our wonderful customers. Thank you All!

Crystal Pocket Skulls  Carnelian Pocket Buddha  Crystal Pocket Hearts   Goldstone Pocket goddess 

July - We've been hard at work putting together a new little range for you...take a peek at our new Crystal Carvings & Figures page!   

 Sunflowers  Blossom

May - Although we're still feeling the chill, summer is well and truly on its way! The celebration of the Fire Festival Beltane on the 1st May sees things hotting up a bit! Beltane marks the end of spring and the very beginning of summer. It celebrates fertility, as all around us nature is bursting with energy and vitality. It's a time to have fun, and to bring ideas and concepts to fruition. The beautiful Goddess Flora is honoured, the blossom from the hawthorn tree is sacred to this time of year.

  Triple Moon Plaque   Mother Mary Oracle Cards   Labradorite Triple Moon Pendant   Triple Moon Locket Pendant   Butterfly Suncatcher

Website News We've been working hard on our website, with lots of new items available to buy online, as well as our new page, Stock Just Added! The page lists all our latest stock additions, whether new, or a top up of an existing product, and covers both online and our physical shop additions. We hope you find it helpful! Also new is our Magical Animals page ~ a collection of lovely things, featuring some of our favourite creatures. We hope you enjoy browsing.

 Crystals Display  Cushions Display  Jewellery Display

To keep up-to-date with all our latest news, please find us on Facebook, or simply add your details to our Mailing List on this website or via the shop to stay in touch with what we're up to.


Thanks for visiting our News page, and we hope to see you soon!

Joan & All at Opal Moon  xx

 Fairies Display